DIY Easy Pineapple Jewellery Organizer for the Crafty Neatfreak Organizer in You!

Having just one organizer is never enough for a jewelry-holic like me. If you are looking for a place to store your bracelets, necklaces or headbands, this tutorial will come in handy and transform materials you can find at art stores to a classy organizer that will look gorgeous on the display table. So, let's get ready for summer! #FeelingPineapples #HomeDecor #ATouchOfGold

What You Need:

1. Foam board A4 size
2. Mosaic
3. Metallic gold acrylic paint
4. Buttons
5. Sewing Kit
6. Paint brush
7. Scissors/Paper Knife Cutter
8. Cutting Mat

Step 1
Lay flat a foam board and cut into a square size 21cm x 21cm with a paper knife cutter.

Step 2

Hand stitch the buttons as illustrated above at all corners of the foam board. Use a thin needle to avoid creating big holes. Secure each stitch with a knot at the back.

Step 3
Here comes the fun part! Pick up a paint brush, dip into the gold metallic paint. Apply the paint on the mosaic and create strokes with a bigger brush.

Reminder: Do not use too much water, or do not over dilute your paint with water.

Step 4

Draw a pineapple (or any other object) on a piece of paper to create a template. Use a knife cutter to cut the area that you want to paint. Create a cutting guideline by coloring the area in black. 

Step 5

After cutting the area, stick the paper on the center of the form board with washi or masking tape. Paint the see through area with 3 coats of metallic gold acrylic paint. Leave it to dry.

Step 6
Once the paint is dry, remove the template slowly so that it doesn't tear off. Keep it aside to re-use. Touch up the uneven parts with the gold paint.

Step 7

Look how pretty is the mosaic! Bring out the glue gun! Make sure you have 8 mosaic squares to glue at the back to cover the stitches. Fasten all sides and you are done.

WOO-HOO! You've just make your very own classy designed jewelry organizer.

If you have made one, don't forget to share it with us, or tag us on Instagram at @theartsycraftsy, hashtag #theartsycraftsy.


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