DIY How to Turn a Kinder Joy into Easter Eggs

When we were kids, we used to make Easter eggs out of real egg shells. An adult would need to separate the egg yolk from the eggs so that we can safely attach it unto a stick to paint it. It was the funnest art project ever! Too bad it doesn't ooze with creamy chocolate, but we go to the store to get real chocolate eggs anyways.

That's when I discovered that I can turn kinder joys into Easter eggs! These surprise eggs make cute quick Easter egg gifts and treats for anyone, adults or children. The surprise toy inside is for the little kid in all of us. Plus, this is a highly recommended Easter craft activity for kids.

What You Need:

1. Kinder joy eggs
2. White Gesso (You can get it from
3. Paint brushes
4. Acrylic paints (Your choice of colours)
5. Washi tapes
6. Scissors

Step 1
Paint the egg with white gesso for base. Leave it to dry, or you can quick dry it with a hair dryer.

Step 2
Paint the second layer of white gesso, and again, let it dry.

Step 3
Next, plan your design and start painting with acrylic paints. Use colours of your choice. After painting, make sure it is dry thoroughly before moving on to the next step.

*Tip: Use the end of the brush to create polka dots

Step 4
Get creative! Use washi tapes to decorate your Easter egg.

Done! Design as many Easter eggs as you want and give it away as gifts!

Looking for ideas on Easter egg patterns and designs? Check out our Pinterest selection on Easter eggs and crafts.

Happy Easter!


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