DIY Peach Seed Table Decor

Besides being a sweet fruit that goes well with yogurt and ice-cream, I recently discovered that you can turn peach seeds into a decor. Put a few drops of essential oil and it'll just become like potpourri.

What you need:

1. Acrylic paints. Choose 2 colours, preferably one with metallic colours like gold or silver.
2. A sponge brush or sponge
3. Palette
4. Dried peach seeds

You would need to make sure that you wash the peach seeds and leave it to dry under the sun for a day or two.

Step 1
Start with sponging the seeds. Do one side and one colour at a time. Use each side of the brush for each colour.

Step 2
Repeat the same process with each seed.

Once you are done, leave it to dry overnight. Varnish it if you want, or you can leave it as it is.

Tip: Place it in a glass bowl, with some dried flowers or crystals. It will be just nice as a decoration.

Have fun!

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