12 Inktober Artworks by Creative Malaysians

October is a fascinating month. We are already nearing the end year and the holiday season is just around the corner. Besides the celebration of all hallows eve otherwise known as Halloween, we have INKtober!

What is INKtober? In case you are wondering why your Facebook news feed is filled with doodles; Inktober is a drawing challenge known by all artists from all over the world. Artists who are participating in the challenge are required to do an ink drawing everyday for the month of October, post it up on social media with a hashtag #inktober. Artists may use this as a way to breakthrough creative boundaries or as a quick daily practice.

We noticed that some of our fellow Malaysians from the Inktober Malaysia community are participating in the challenge, and have been spotting all kinds of amazing artworks too. To share this spirit, I decided to go hunting on Facebook and Instagram to gather some of the ink works that caught my attention.

1. Art Records

image by art records

Art Records instagram is managed by doodle artist Nalina Nair. She created Art Records as a way for her to reconnect with her interest for art and drawing. Art Records may be new, but it is already filling up with beautiful artworks and each artwork shows her progress.

2. Haris Rashid

image by Haris Rashid
Some of you may recognize Haris Rashid and his astounding artworks. This talented artist's artwork often stands out with its vibrant hues and visuals that looks as if there are stories behind each work.

3. J.Mosh

image by J.Mosh
'Mysterious and beautiful' are the exact words to describe J.Mosh's breathtaking artworks. If you believe in magic like I do, you will definitely be a big fan of his work. You might be interested to know that J.Mosh also does graffiti and typography art as well.

4. Jay's Addiction

image by Jayzfn
Jay's Addiction is a talented artist based in Kuala Lumpur that offers unique and quirky surrealism style art prints, paintings and commissioned work.

5. Hidden Rainbow

image by jean lynn chang
Artist Jean Lynn Chang paints under the name Hidden Rainbow. Why? Because she describes herself as 'The girl from rainbow land!". Hidden Rainbow paintings are both magical and whimsical.

6. Kendylife

image by Kendrick Ng
Some of you might be familiar with the name Kendylife, or the doodle artist and blogger Kendrick Ng. With 15K over followers on Facebook, Kendrick humors his followers with his comical doodles and updates.

7. Kingweyz

image by Tee King Wei
King Wei is a creative graphic designer who enjoys painting and believes in the philosophy that art is a consistency. He also does commissioned artwork and freelance graphic designing. Check out his illustrations and design work on his site called artpoopraimbow

8. Marianne Tan

image by Marianne Tan
Marianne Tan is an artist of Marianne Tan's art space on Facebook. If you follow Marianne on Instagram, you will be able to see some of her illustrations as well as her involvement in YouTube videos with GRIM Film. Both Marianne and her fiance, Jared Lee make an excellent duo in some of their video collaborations together. If you are a follower of GRIM Film, you might come across this multi-talented lass acting in their short films. 

 9. The Art of Rizal Paperbag Head

image by Rizal Paperbag Head
The Art of Rizal Paperbag Head's artwork is just as quirky as his name. Filled with cool doodle art and imaginations, each doodle tells an interesting story. The Art of Rizal Paperbag Head takes in commission work, and you can even buy stylish tote bags designed by the artist here.

10. M A N J E

image by Shany Ahmed
Shany Ahmed of MANJE is an inspiring fantasy illustrator and painter that creates beautiful works of art. Her magical artworks isn't just limited to the canvas or paper, but on shoes, home decor and even keepsakes like decorative wooden boxes and more.

11. Mona KV Art

image by Mona KV
Artist, Mona believes that a good painting is like a friend. It keeps her company, and at times, comforts and inspires her. That's how we felt too when we came across her artwork. Mona KV Art creates divine works of art filled with exotic Indian culture elements and patterns.

12. Ruby Subramaniam

image by Ruby Subramaniam
Doodle artist Ruby Subramaniam describes herself a zen warrior. She enjoys travelling to see the world and experience different cultures. In fact, one of her inktober drawings was created when she was visiting Madrid. This cool wanderlust also creates awe-inspiring artworks that clearly reflects her profound mind.l

So, are you ready to join the inktober bandwagon? It's not too late. If you are interested to start your inktober pages, there are sites you can visit to know more about this initiative and what sort of recommended tools to use. Just don't forget to tag your work with #inktobermalaysia!

(7/10/15: We have updated The Art of Rizal Paperbag Head's artwork)

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