Benefits of Planning with a Planner

Ever feel like you’re constantly behind schedule? Or swallowed up by so many things to do that you don’t have time to yourself?

I have. And I have also found a solution.

It may sound obvious, but that’s because it’s true, tried, and tested: planning.

There are just so many benefits to this, and I’m going to introduce you to some of them again.

Never get lost again

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Both literally and figuratively. If you always feel like you should be somewhere and keep running late, listen up.

During my time in university, I never missed a single lecture (on accident) or went to the place thanks largely to a detailed calendar with all of my appointments and lecture halls. Especially when it comes to recurring events, it pays off to put it into your calendar so that you never miss it.

Protip: schedule to ensure for traffic delays, especially if you're going somewhere you aren't very familiar with. You can also check out the location online before you hit the road so that you know the place a bit better.

Make reasonable commitments

I don’t know about you, but I have said ‘yes’ to something before, then realise a few hours later that I have something else to do, and suddenly, there isn’t enough hours in the day. By having a plan, you will know how much you have on your plate, and make informed decisions next time you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Increase your productivity

With the amount of time that you spend planning, you save even more, leaving plenty of time for you to do more of what you love.

The problem about not having a game plan is that you end up wasting a lot of time that you could have used simply by procrastinating or wondering what it is that you have to do. Let’s say you want to reorganise your closet. It may seem like a daunting task, and you spend the whole morning procrastinating. But break it down into first taking things off the racks, starting with dresses and suits, you know what your next steps are, and it suddenly seems so much more manageable.

Pro planners usually set aside some time each day or before the start of the new week to get everything in order. Also, remember to make a note of each new meeting and event whenever it comes up so that you never forget to ‘write it down later’.

Live in the moment

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One thing that people notice about CEOs and heads of state is that they are always fully present. It may seem difficult, focusing completely on one task, even if it’s just greeting people, when they have a hundred other things to do. Even I am guilty of doing that sometimes – being in a lecture and thinking about something else, or working on my business and thinking about dinner. 

But living in the moment is very important. It helps keep you focused so that you give the one thing you are supposed to be doing your all, and if you are relaxing or spending quality time with loved ones, it ensures that it is just that – quality time. Not playing with the kids while thinking of tomorrow’s big presentation. CEOs combat this by having personal assistants, and you can too, without the cost.

Now, how should you plan?

We have discussed why planning is important, but how should you do it? There are many options, from iPhones to Google Calendar, but one form that has remained tried and true is paper planning. That’s right – going right back to the basics. There is now a growing community of people who plan, which has been featured in places like the Business Insider and Buzzfeed.

If you would like to find out more, you can follow me on Instagram at @openquotedesigns, where I post pictures of how I plan, and take a look at my online store,, where I have printable planners that are both fun and functional, aimed to help you focus on what matters most to you.


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