Sudio Sweden | Design-Focused Earphones Comes in Stylish Colours

The anticipation finally dialed down when I received these stylish and design-focused earphones, designed by Sudio.

Let me tell you why I love Sudio earphones:

1. Stays in ear
2. Comes in stylish colours like black, orange, brown and white.
3. Has a minimalist design style
4. You can wear it as an accessory
5. Good surround sound quality

I have come to realized that when it comes to photography, colour coordination and good lighting creates good photo results. Tip: always refer to Pinterest for photography ideas & inspirations. 

I couldn't help including Sudio earphones in my photoshoots, thanks to its stylish brown colour and the little leather pouch that came with it; the combination was perfect for the layout. 

Wooden mala bracelet: The Artsy Craftsy Shop
Sunglasses: Indie brand
Brown satchel: Springfield


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