A Creative Weekend at Harmony Pastel Art Workshop

I owe you guys an apology for not being blogging often for the past few months. Blogging isn't as easy as just posting up photos and writing. As a blogger, in order for me to maintain a certain quality and standard, I look into content and photos as well. Which is why it isn't easy maintaining a blog. So much happened to me lately, and for the past few months, although I was very active sharing on my Facebook page, I really have missed out so much in blogging. So, let me catch up with you by sharing what has been happening with me lately.

I haven't been to a workshop for a long time; lucky me, I had a chance to attend a pastel art workshop last 2 months at a local new age centre called Angels House Malaysia.

There's a little story behind this workshop actually. About 3 - 4 years ago, I took up a certificate course in colour therapy with a local creative life coach. I am a follower of my coach's blog as well and one day, I saw one of her posts on pastel art workshop conducted by a teacher from Japan. It is a rare opportunity to be able to learn this particular pastel art technique in Malaysia, of course I have already missed my chance.

Fast forward to March 2015- this opportunity finally came along my way! Immediately registered myself just for the experience.

The class was conducted by pastel art teacher, artist, clairvoyant & healer, Sarana Khoo. In fact, she was one of the students and classmate of my coach who attended the course years ago. What a small world indeed!

I learned that the name 'Harmony Pastel Art' isn't just a pretty a name. It is derived from the Japanese word 'Nagomi', which translates 'Harmony'.

Harmony Pastel Art is a very popular technique in Japan. It was founded to beat the high stress level in Japan. This particular pastel art technique uses fingers mostly for blending purposes. I also learned that, when using your hands to create art, there is a much more stronger connection between you and the colours, including your inner self and the art that you are expressing yourself in.

In my own experience, I have used pastel before to paint but I knew very little about it. Attending this session was an eye opening experience and very therapeutic indeed.

I learned the difference a long pastel and a short pastel. I also learned how to create foundation using light colours, followed by techniques like scraping and blending.

Before we start on our first artwork, we did a little meditation and creative visualization. The meditation helped us to be centered before we start painting. The first artwork that we did was a heart chakra visualization. It was a beautiful experience, because I was painting my heart. I am familiar with this method actually, because I have learned it in colour therapy. But I felt good being able to do it again.

Here are my takeaways from the session:

1. Remember to breathe and be in touch with my heart
2. Drawing a circle symbolizes harmony and unity. I am creating harmony within me.
3. Painting helps me realize my own 'heart' messages.
4. Through art, it helps me externalized my heart messages.
5. Be aware and notice the emotions, feelings and thoughts that arises.

Here's a collage picture of teacher Sarana demonstrating the second artwork. 

We learned how to paint a scenery: Trees on a hill.

Teacher Sarana is also a talented artist. Most of her work are magical and spiritual. She has clients from countries like Taiwan who personally requested her to paint them their guardian angels.

Although it was only ONE session, that weekend changed my life completely. It was like a personal reminder from the universe, to remind me never stop making art no matter how busy I am.

"Art is the way of life, creativity is the soul."


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