Creativity & Biz Interview: Violet Yee

Violet Yee, Crafter behind Biru Waves, is a talented person in Advertising. She is a Desktop Artist, a Mother to 2 beautiful girls and still finds time to balance her work-life by crafting jewelries and designing greeting cards. I love the name Biru Waves (Biru is Blue in Bahasa Melayu); it has a nice ring to it. Just saying the name makes me think about the crystal blue waves of the ocean, the smell of the sea, and the fluffy cotton candy clouds.

1. What is your day-to-day like as a creative person? How do you juggle your tasks, projects and personal life? 

As I work in an advertising company where non 9 to 5 environment exist, it is very challenging for me to juggle everything. My first priority is my family. Luckily, my husband is very supportive and my children give me my space whenever I am in my craft room. Normally, I would steal about an hour after work (10pm – 11pm) to create my jewelleries, papercrafts or cards.

2. All creative people have their own toolbox. What’s in yours and what are your favourite tools?

My favourite tools are glitters, acrylic paint, leaves, grass, dry flowers or anything goes when I am doing my jewelleries. I like organic designs.

When I am doing my cards, it’s my own simple drawings coloured with copic markers and I use pattern papers for the background. I also use clear stamps and other embellishments.

3. Fill in the blanks and complete this sentence: "Whenever I am creating ____, I am ____ "

 “Whenever I am creating something no matter if it’s jewellery or a card, I feel very blessed that I am able to use my hands, my sane mind to create stuff.

4. Describe your creative work with just 3 words: 

Unique. Simple. Down-to-earth.

5. They say creative people are weird; so, how weird can you get? 

I keep creating stuff but have not taken the time to sell them.

6. Name your top 3 favourite books for ideas:

Cardmaking Magazine
Mollie Makes Magazine
Papercraft Magazine

7. Music mixes are awesome! What’s your music playlist when you are creating & making art?

I listen to all kinds of music. My playlist consists from romantic songs such as ‘Feelings’ by Morris Albert to ‘Eat Sleep Rave Repeat’ by Fat Boy Slim and then back to ‘Feelings’….

8. How do you organize your creative ideas & inspirations for reference?

I am a messy crafter. I don’t have a creative organizer. I have no rules. I just sit down stare at the items I have on my table and I create from there.

9. What is your favourite place to go to for inspirations?

Pinterest & Etsy

10. I SPY with my little eye:  Who’s your favourite creative person (artist/crafter/baker, etc.)?

Card Making:
Kristina Werner, Lawn Fawn Design team, Hero Arts Design Team, Torico (Stamparadise)

Resin Jewellery:
Britta Böckmann of BoldB, Jen Cheema, Shannam, Kangaroom Studio

11. If you didn’t discover this creative interest, what would Life be for you?

I think I will be a very boring person.

12. How your creative passion inspires you?

Creative passion had taught me to be curious and that there is no set rules when it comes to using different mediums, such as combining Resin with Polymer Clay, Glass with Nail Polish, Paper with leaves as patterns and plenty more.

13. What is your Kung Fu style to fight creative blockages?

Looking at magazines, watching YouTube channels, going into Pinterest & Etsy shops.

14. Give the readers some love! Do you have any tips, advice or words of wisdom?

Do not be afraid of challenges. Be curious. Be different. Be humble. Take criticism with a big smile and welcome them with open arms because there’s bound to be a lot of that coming.

15. Daydream mode ON! What do you want 5 years from now?

See more people walking around with my jewellery.
See more people receiving greeting cards made by me.
Having a shop of my own.

Visit: Jewellery Website & Facebook | Greeting Cards Website & Facebook

Editor's note: This interview feature has been updated. It was originally published on 11/11/14

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