Easy No-Sew DIY Bohemian Book Cover

Re-designing book covers is a fun hobby for everyone. Those days, we frequently use materials such as papers or fabric to reconstruct the cover for a new look. There is a saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover". Well, it really depends because a cover represents the personality of the owner and its contents. I took the opportunity to handmade a book cover for my report on the bohemian subculture. I would love to share these easy steps with you. In this tutorial, I will show you how to design a bohemian cover using linen fabric and laser cut leather. And of course, some charms to add for this treasure keepsake book.

No sewing skills required!

What You Need:
1. Glue Gun
2. Book File (Daiso RM 5)
3. Half meter linen fabric
4. Pewter Laser Cut Pleather
5. Suede cord
6. Pewter beads
7. Feather

Step 1

Lay flat the linen fabric on top of the file, leave allowance of 4cm for each corner. Trim the excess fabric if needed.

Step 2

 Fold and glue 2cm of each corner of the fabric. Fold again to glue on to the book file.

Step 3

Roll out "Pewter Laser Cut Pleather" and place horizontal on the book file. Trim it according to fit and glue on the linen fabric.

Step 4

Secure it with a suede cord and tie it around the book file. For a more bohemian style, attach a couple of pewter beads and feathers to the end of the suede cord. Looks boho now isn't it?

Step 5

Finish it by putting on the handmade label. You can sew it on or glue it. I prefer gluing it, haha!

Now you try it. :)


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