10 Useful Planning Tips for a Long Vacation to Singapore

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Compared to a short stay, preparing for a long holiday in Singapore will require more purposeful planning and consideration on your part. For any kind of trip to the Lion City, whether long or short, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with basics like local customs, local laws, and what the most convenient transportation and accommodation options are. But an extended stay means that you’ll have to prep differently to achieve a daily routine that offers a balance of comfort and adventure, whether this pertains to your connectivity needs, your luggage, or your health insurance. 

If you’re anticipating a long vacation in Singapore—i.e. a trip that will last longer than a week—how can you adequately prepare for the trip and make the most of your time in the city? Here are some tips that will help you achieve both goals and navigate the full SG tourist experience in a way that prioritises both leisure and practicality: 

1) Purchase a Local SIM Card

Staying connected is essential if you want to enjoy a convenient holiday in Singapore. While the country offers free Wi-Fi access in publicly accessible spaces like MRT stations and malls, it’s always better to have your own internet connection no matter where you are. 

Getting a SIM only plan Singapore providers typically offer tourists is a smart choice, as this will give you access to mobile data and enable you to connect with your loved ones regardless of where your explorations take you. A reliable internet connection also ensures that you can research attractions, make reservations, and stay informed about local events during your long holiday, which will enhance your overall travel experience.

2) Do Your Research on the Most Economical Accommodation Options

If you’ll be staying in Singapore for quite some time, it’s best to look into accommodation options that won’t put a huge hole in your pocket. On top of your budget, consider factors such as location and amenities when searching for an ideal home away from home. 

Serviced apartments, long-stay hotels, and vacation rentals are excellent choices for a comfortable and home-like environment. Book as far in advance as possible to secure the ideal accommodation, as well as increase your chances of scoring favourable discounts.  

3) Pack Your Items Accordingly

To ensure your comfort during your extended stay, pack a well-balanced wardrobe that suits Singapore's tropical climate. Bring lightweight and breathable clothing that’s suited to warm and humid weather. Don't forget essentials like sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses as well to protect yourself from the sun while you’re in the tropics. 

Singapore is a small country that’s quite friendly to pedestrians. If you’re planning on enjoying the scenery, be sure to bring walking shoes that will allow you to explore the city's diverse neighbourhoods and attractions in comfort. Having these basic items in your luggage will help you maximise your time in the Lion City.

4) Prepare Yourself Financially for Your Trip

Take care of all the necessary financial preparations before your trip to Singapore, for example by informing your bank about your travel plans. This will prevent any issues when it comes to accessing funds from your home country. 

Before your trip, do your research on currency exchange rates, and have a mix of cash and cards ready for various transactions. Organising your finances in advance will ensure that you can manage your expenditures seamlessly during your extended stay.

5) Make the Necessary Health Preparations

To best enjoy your long vacation in Singapore, prioritise your health and well-being and consult your doctor before your trip. Get your requisite vaccinations and ensure that you have an adequate supply of any necessary medications that you might need during your stay. 

Secure comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical expenses, too, as this helps ascertain that you're prepared for any unforeseen health issues. Making the necessary health preparations will guarantee you peace of mind and allow you to savour what the city has to offer, all without being overly anxious about illnesses or injuries. 

6) Learn Local Customs

If you can look forward to a long stay, immerse yourself in Singapore's rich cultural landscape by learning about its local customs and etiquette. Familiarise yourself with greetings, gestures, and social norms to engage respectfully with locals. Understanding cultural nuances, and being able to apply them properly, will deepen your appreciation for the local culture and ensure that you leave a positive impression during your holiday.

7) Familiarise Yourself with Public Transportation

Singapore's efficient public transportation system is a boon for travellers, especially those who will be staying for more than a few days. To make the most of your time in the country while keeping transportation costs at a minimum, research routes and schedules that will enable you to navigate the city seamlessly. This will reduce the stress of commuting and allow you to explore various attractions and neighbourhoods in the most convenient manner.

8) Make a List of the Culinary Spots You Want to Visit

Make the most of your time in SG by indulging in the country’s diverse culinary scene. Long before your trip, research popular food markets, hawker centres, and restaurants that offer authentic Singaporean cuisine. Utilise your holiday as an opportunity to try different tastes and textures while engaging in Singapore’s vibrant food culture. 

9) Participate in Local Events and Festivals

Singapore hosts a plethora of events and festivals throughout the year. Whenever possible, don’t miss the chance to participate in cultural celebrations, art exhibitions, music festivals, and more. Incorporating these events into your extended stay will add depth and richness to your travel experience.

10) Research Accessible Medical Facilities

Lastly, familiarise yourself with the locations of medical facilities and pharmacies in Singapore. Research reputable hospitals and clinics that cater to tourists. Having this knowledge ensures you're prepared in case of any medical emergencies or minor health concerns during your stay. Quick access to medical assistance contributes to a sense of security and comfort, allowing you to fully enjoy your extended vacation.

Each guideline in this list will contribute to a seamless and immersive experience for travellers who have the privilege of staying in SG for more than a few days. Follow the suggestions above to make the most out of your travel schedule in Singapore and explore the city's vibrant culture, stunning attractions, and diverse neighbourhoods with confidence and ease. 


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  1. Singapore is love where I have been with goldenbustours and believe me that made my trip outstanding. I am in love with this spot and really think travelers should keep these tips in their mind before going.


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