5 Life Drawing Tips To Know Before You Join a Class

Life Drawing Tips to Mentally Prepare Yourself  When You Attend a Session

Are you thinking about joining a Life Drawing session, but feel self-conscious about drawing in public because you feel you might not be good enough? Life Drawing is a study of observation. Personally, I think the experience is not centered around talent and skill, but practice and being open to exploration. 

During my recent participation in a Life Drawing session, which also happened to be my first, I picked up a couple of noteworthy tips based on my own observation. So, if you are thinking about attending your first life drawing session, here are five tips that you need to know and to help you be mentally prepared, before signing up for one. 

Tip 1: Don't Be Self-Conscious

You may be surrounded by other artists or hobby artists who may be experienced or talented, but that's not really important. The important part of this experience is to focus on the FUN. You don't have to worry about what the other person thinks of you, because you might be surprise that some of the other participants are newbies just like you. But they are there for the experience.

Tip 2. Observe the Life Drawing Model MORE than Your Paper

This is something that I picked up during my drawing process. There are several life drawing poses that the model will switch from time to time. At first, I was struggling with the process because I was focused on perfecting each pose on my paper. But very quickly, I learned that it is important to pay attention to the little details on the model and sketch intuitively instead. It is about observation, not perfection. 

Tip 3: There's NO Right or Wrong in a Life Drawing Process

Go with the flow. You don't have to be drawing all poses or just 1 pose or the face. There's no rule to it (except respect the life drawing model and be a good participant). It is your call and your choice if you want to focus entirely on just one pose.

Tip 4: Use Art Supplies that You are Comfortable With

During life drawing classes, it is important for you to use art supplies that you are comfortable with, preferably easy to use and not messy. For example, watercolour, colour pencils, drawing pens or illustration markers. You can bring along a travel size spray bottle of water too. Some art studios provide extra art supplies for participants to use, like acrylic or oil pastels. If you are not familiar with using any of it, avoid using it because you don't want to be struggling and figuring out how to familiarize with the art supply on the spot when you need to be enjoying the process. The best thing to do is stick with what you know.

Tip 5: Life Drawing Classes is a Good Exercise for Drawing
Use this opportunity to explore and get out of your comfort zone. Try something new. Personally, I picked this session because of its 'Dancer' theme. I think that ballet or dance poses are one of the good ways to practice drawing and certainly has taught me how to be comfortable with my own methods. That said, not every piece needs to be a masterpiece. As mentioned above, focus on the observation, not perfection.

A final note to remember is, the more you attend the more you will familiarize and the more FUN you will have. Forget about the myth like "You have to be a professional artist to be able to paint and draw." It isn't true, because art can be a fun experience. You don't need to be an expert to enjoy art making. This mindset would definitely cause some self-restrictions for you to experience a full creative life. To continue to motivate yourself in the process, look up for life drawing reference to mentally prepare yourself or perhaps you can look up for life drawing live online sessions to take part in the comfort of your own home.

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