Craft Tip Make Your Own Spray Inks

How to Make Your Own Spray Inks and What You Can Use it For

Some all purpose inks or distressed sprays when used directly can be too blotchy. I don't know about you, but I usually like mine to be lightly diluted, nicely stained not splat because I want to get the most out of my inks.

By making your own distressed spray inks with travel-size spray bottles, you can do so much more with it. 

Here's a bunch of ideas that you can use it for:

1. You can use it for art journaling pages, scrapbooking or paper craft projects like card-making.

2. You can use it for abstract art drips and splats.

3. You can use it for mixed media art or altered art. I use it to create certain vintage-ish effects.

4. You can use it for kids art projects (no mess kids creative play). For kids, you can replace inks with watercolor instead.

5. You can use it with DIY wrapping paper. Decorate the paper with it.

Plus, you can carry it around with you anytime for arts and craft sessions. I definitely do when I attend journal jam sessions. 

In this craft tip, I made my own distressed spray ink by using an all purpose ink from Tsukineko Official and a cute spray bottle from Kaison Malaysia. All you need to do is mix ink and water. Amount depends on how thick you want it to be. 

Spray inks are very easy to make and ready to play & spray anytime for art making. 

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