Q&A with Creative Mixed Media Artist Adeline Shatsala

Adeline Shatsala, Mixed Media Artist and coFounder of Artscape MY

As creative artists, we can be our biggest critic. This is something most artists faced and sometimes we can be very hard on ourselves, especially in the work and the process of creation itself. But as artists, we also have the power to create. Therefore, we are able to create the life that we want for ourselves and it all depends on how we perceive things and how we speak to ourselves inwardly. Over the years, I have learned that being an artist is not just about being talented or skillful. It is about the balance of mind, body and soul. We need to be able to create balance mentally first, and then emotionally in order for us to be able to translate our personal experiences into a masterpiece.
-Shia Lynn

Hi, Adeline. Let's hear from you!
Hey there, I’m Adeline Shatsala a self-taught mix media artist. It wasn’t long time ago, I was in an office cubicle working as an IT Software QA with less enthusiasm about my mundane job and spent most of my weekends creating artworks. I knew I had to follow my passion and allowed my creativeness to go through a major shift and the love for abstracts was born. My abstract paintings pull towards earth tones, natural textures and lean towards botanical concepts. I love to experiment colour palettes and enjoy creating layers, textures, mark makings and subtle variations into an art piece. I also love art journaling, mark making and calligraphy. I’m also the co-founder of Artscape Malaysia and kick started this amazing project in January 2019, promoting artistic growth that inspires passion, creativity and knowledge sharing by featuring them in Exhibitions, Read-Lah newsletter and Artist Spotlight.

What are your goals as a Mixed Media Artist?
It’s about being connected to what you love to create and feeling deep sense of gratitude and fulfillment. I am a strong believer that an essential part of being an artist also involves doing research and groundwork to allow the creative mind to understand the subject matter in depth. At the end of the day, improving and evolving is the process of being a sincere artist and that is my ultimate goal.

How do you create balance between your personal life and your art business?
To be honest, finding the balance between the both is definitely challenging but I try my best to be organized. Having a task list surely helps navigating myself better but at times I do take things one step at a time to avoid unnecessary pressure. I believe a healthy mind channels good positive energy if we are able to handle things at our own pace.

Is the artistic life a lonely journey? What do you do to counter it?
It’s about discovering and exploring anything that relates to you.  I believe every artist out there possess the tool to orchestrate the evolution of their own creation. It’s impossible for me to keep bursting with ideas all the time but I believe by taking small steps, it prepares you to embark on a larger scale. Create something even if you do not feel like it. Action has magic.

How did you evolve overtime as a creative artist?
By making tons of mistake and learning to overcome. I invest most of my time in self- improvement, growth, constantly exploring new ideas, techniques, listening to podcasts and being inspired by talented artists in social media. Most importantly, being able to be myself in this whole creative process is extremely overwhelming. This is an advantage of being an artist. You create what you love.

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