Five Last Minute Valentine's Day Handmade Gift Ideas

Five Last Minute Valentine's Day Handmade Gift Ideas

Valentine's day is one of the hottest celebrations of the year. Florists are busy, prices are hiked up, restaurants no longer offer their usual menu and instead, replaced with overpriced meals. At the cinema, I kid you not, will be packed like sardines! At the same time, you want to add on a (last minute) Valentine's Day gift, but you are wondering, what can you get for Valentine's Day as a gift that is unique and different from the usual? My answer would be, handmade or handcrafted gifts.
Handmade gifts are more than special, and not just because they are handmade. The word personalised has given a whole new meaning to each item that you purchased when you support a maker. Although looks the same, each item is made differently and each batch is limited. Not to mention, the number of hours put in for each handmade item by request- hence time is valuable.
Thanks to our recent partnership with Craft La (another reason to celebrate) we decided to gather some ideas on what sort of Valentine's Day gift ideas suitable for him and her.

Here are our top five Valentine's Day gifts:

1 - Handcrafted Metal Cuff Bracelet with Engraving

Team bracelet! If you and your lover are accessory/jewellery kind of people, you might like this classic, minimalistic metal bracelet. My husband and I love that our wedding rings are engraved with little love messages to one another. You can do the same on this metal cuff bracelets too. Engrave with a typical 'Boy Heart Girl's name' or a personalised message.

2 - Handmade Leather Keychain

Handmade leather products are one of my personal favourites, plus, it is suitable for both him and her. This polished leather keychain is made with pulp leather with a touch of an authentic vintage look. You can include an engraved message too.

3 - Pressed Flowers Mobile Case

This is a pretty unique gift and perhaps, it is more for the ladies. Guys! If giving bouquets of flowers is typical, you might want to consider this instead for your ladies. Pretty flowers (or precious nature things) preserved and last forever in a place where she will remember always- her mobile phone!

4 - Personalised Metal Stamped Necklace

Another #couplegoals piece! Just like the metal cuff bracelet, these vertical, metal pendants are simple yet stunning for him and her. It comes with a 16-inch stainless steel chain. Ladies, this minimalist necklace is great as a layering piece.

5 - Personalised Vintage Leather Pouch

Another leather favourite for him and her! Plus engravable too! I love how a simple piece goes a long way, and that's what I love about leather. It is aesthetic, meaningful and handmade! What's not to like. Made with pulp leather, it comes in 3 different stylish and suitable leather colours to choose from.

The best part, you don't have to wait for Valentine's Day to give the gift of handmade gifts. Personalised handmade gifts are meaningful for any occasion.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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