14 Best Christmas Gift Ideas that You Should Buy for Last Minute Shoppers

December! Christmas is my favourite season of all. When I was a kid, Christmas and toys go hand in hand. Visiting the toy store was a wonderland to me and the idea of unwrapping gifts was exciting even though some of the gifts weren't for me. What is the first thing that comes to you, when you think about Christmas? I think about good food, family reunion and most of all, gift shopping. The malls will be packed with the holidays. Some of you might even be stuck at work, and don't have the time to go out shopping. But it's okay because, you can still shop for Christmas gifts online. Although, forget about shopping on websites like Lazada (you might end up receiving the wrong item!). You can't risk wasting time and money for this festive season, so it is time to go handmade. In my recent visit to Etsy Made Local, I have checked out a couple of Etsy makers and round up a couple of Christmas gift ideas that perhaps you will find it useful.

1. Must-Own Marbled Clay Bowl
Thinking of home decors, instead of giving photo frames, consider this handmade marbled clay bowl instead. These bowls make excellent gifts and a great addition to your loved one's home.
Maker: All the Ns

2. Step Aside Barbie. Handmade Dolls Are Better
Not just for little girls, but for the doll collectors too! Handmade dolls are the cutest, and make the best gift for kids and the inner child in us. Personalize it according to your preference or a favourite colour. Maker: Dolls by Mawar

3. Christmas Smelling Soap
It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! If you have friends or family who are visiting from another country (or if you are returning to your home town) these handmade soaps will make good gifts. Scented soaps always has this homely smell to it. Plus, look at the vintage packaging designs!
Maker: The Bubble Lab

4. Not Your Average Rubber Stamps
Thinking of gifting stationery? What about these rubber stamps that come in different unique designs? Your loved ones will love these especially if they love stationery or journaling. Also, if you are wondering about the quality of these rubber stamps, check out my mini review here on Instagram.
Maker: Craftioneries

5. Personalized Embroidery Artwork the Best!
When in doubt, personalize it! Embroidery is a trending craft at the moment. All you have to do is look for right crafter, and you can personalize a piece of embroidery artwork which is a much more personal gift for your friends or family. Maker: HelloPfft

6. Good Ol' Handwoven Bags
A multi purpose bag! Match it with an outfit, or a shopping bag; this will do just fine with the 'No Plastic Bags' replacement. Aside from that, I even heard that these baskets make a great gift for moms to carry their baby things. Oh and you get to help contribute to charity too. For every bag you purchase, funds goes to aid the Penan peopleMaker: Helping Hands Penan

7. Wear Nature like Art
Living in the city, we overlook mother nature's gift that surround us, and we forget to appreciate the little things in life. What better way to appreciate nature but to wear it? You can now keep this nature next to your heart with these beautifully painted nature pieces. Maker: Jean Lynn Chang

8. Gaga Over Unicorns
Unicorn Frappucinos, Unicorn cosmetics, Unicorn accessories, clothing, mugs, toys, you name it- the horse with the horn is trending! According to USAtoday.com, headline says the unicorn trend has finally reached its peak. If you know someone who is gaga over unicorns? This will make an awesome gift to add to their collection. Maker: Kakilang Handmade

9. Whimsical Ceramic Pot for Mini Plants
Turn anyone's space into a happy place with these super cute, whimsical ceramic pots for your mini plants. You will never know, someone you care about might need one. Maker: Oh and Ah

10. Zen Tea Set for the Zen in You
Know someone who loves organizing tea-drinking session, or just simply enjoy collecting tea sets. This one practically has their name written all over it! Maker: Purple Ling

11. Jewels by Mother Nature
This special collection of crystals turned into accessories can be given as a gift to he or she. Each stone means something; its imperfect shapes and sizes make it even more perfect, and that's why they are called precious. Maker: SKYEJUICE

12. Favourite Tools On the Go!
Not just for stationery, but for make up tools- and perhaps a reason to bring around other important tools (if you can think of). These roll up, hand sewn and printed roll up pencil cases are so cute and practical, that it makes an awesome gift! Maker: Sukkaproject

13.  Weaving Work to Pretty Up Your Walls
So far, we have covered mostly decoration pieces for tables and shelves, but not a hanging one yet. Here's a weaved one to pretty up your favourite person's wall! These handweaved wall hangers come in different colour combinations, and obviously, make a very pretty gift. Maker: Yuzminmakes

14. For the Concrete Lovers
No.14 goes out to concrete lovers. These concrete decor are handmade, and come in different designs and pieces for different purpose. From candle holders, paperweight to concrete planters, your concrete lover buddy is going to love this gift idea. Maker: BentukBentuk


You've seen all 14 gift ideas! Do you have a favourite one? Share with me in the comments below.

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