D.I.Y Wood Carving Earrings

In my previous post on 5 ways to stay creative, I mentioned that I have taken up the challenge to craft something new. If any of you have been following my story, I have succeeded my first, two challenge, and now going on my third. I am pretty excited about my third craft challenge because, I am really encouraging myself to do something different; especially crafts that I usually admire from afar but haven't quite given it a shot yet. Another reason why I started this project is because I want to be able to share quick creative projects for some of you hobbyist who wants to craft for therapy! And because the crafts I have in mind are easy to make with easy supplies, it will get you going.

Here's the first craft adventure with wood carving:

What I think:
The last time I carved wood was in high school, as part of our art lesson, but that was it. I started off with the idea of stamp making, and decided to carve on wood instead and then I realized how fun it would be if I were to turn it into jewellery.

What I used:
The materials are very easy with this one. I used:
- Mini wood blocks (From your local hardware store or Daiso)
- Wood carving tools (From craft stores or stationery shops)
- Sandpaper 100 grit
- Acrylic paints
- Small and medium round brushes
- Jo Sonja background colour
- Tassels
- Small jump rings
- Small eye pins for jewellery making (From craft stores)
- Earring hooks

How I did it:

I started off with drawing the top off the wood with pencil and slowly carved around the top to make its shape until some depth is formed to create an "embossed" design.

I created three, simple designs to see how far I can go in this. (Also because it was getting kinda' addictive too!) A little sore, but it wasn't as challenging as I thought it was.

Once I was done with carving, I sandpapered it with a 100grit sandpaper.

I wanted to go for a galaxy theme, so I used the colour combination of prussian blue, red violet and ultramarine blue and some white.

Once the paint has dried up, I attached the tiny eye pins for the jump rings, earring hooks and tassel.

Which one is your favourite design?

If you have a craft that you would like me to explore, write to me at the email below.


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