Selling Crafts in Malaysia? Six Reasons to Sell with Paslo

10 years ago, people were still unconvinced by the idea of buying handmade. Partly because there weren't any platforms in Malaysian for crafters to sell their handmade products. If you are someone who started out 10 years ago just like I did, you will understand what I am saying. The good thing is, technology has improved so much that it has made possible for local crafters to start selling. Today, we are so lucky because we have more than one platforms to choose from.

People write in to me all the time to ask for advice, get tips on starting out and how to start selling online. I enjoy sharing the information just like the content I am about to share with you. If you are looking for a platform to sell crafts in Malaysia, let's take a look at PASLO.
Though it may be new, don't underestimate the simplicity of the website. PASLO is already attracting local crafters, newbies especially who are looking for comprehensive websites to sell with. Here are your top six reasons why you should sell with PASLO.

Reason 1
Paslo is an online marketplace that focuses solely on handmade, homemade and craft supplies. Buyers can hunt for their crafty needs under 'one roof'.

Reason 2
Selling crafts in an online marketplace like PASLO allows you to juggle between a full time job and a craft business. The possibilities are endless. Malaysian crafters can make extra money (or full time) by selling their creative related products. Craft suppliers can also setup and sell with PASLO to craft hobbyists.

Reason 3
PASLO aims to grow the community, encouraging hobbyists to turn into full time creative business owners. The idea is to commercialize creative business, as part of the growing economy in Malaysia. This means, removing the barriers so that people will grow to be more open towards arts and crafts!

Reason 4
There are NO registration fees and there are NO monthly commitment fees, only a seller fee when an order/sale is made. That means you can start setting up right away.

Reason 5
No cheating buyers! PASLO helps over see every transaction made. Sellers can offer buyers a much more secure credit card payment system, or a local bank transfer payment method. PASLO offers a systematic order management. Sellers will be notified instantly via email, the moment an order comes in. That means, you get customer's details right away in your database.

Reason 6
It gets easier! There are also sale assistance tools included to ease your selling experience. Available features consist of price discount tool, coupons and even analytics to help with your sales strategically or help you understand your customer's shopping experience.


If you are looking for more than just the 6 reasons to motivate you to start your creative business, here are their 7 reasons to sell with PASLO marketplace:

For more info, visit: OR be a seller today. Follow PASLO on Instagram and Facebook.

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