Travelling to Metro Manila (Part 2) - Visiting The Mona Lisa Project Art Exhibition

In part 1, I mentioned that art is a big thing in The Philippines.

The hotel that we stayed in, Solaire Resort, had an art exhibition called The Mona Lisa Project. I thought to myself, hey, since I can't go to Europe yet, being able to see the different versions of Mona Lisa recreated by different local artists sounds like fun! 

I am amazed by the representation Mona Lisa created by each artist, because each representations carries a profound meaning.

The space that held the artworks wasn't much- it was just from one end of the corridor to another. But it felt as if I was in my own private art show, strolling and taking the time to appreciate each artwork without time constraint.

The exhibition featured more 30 over Filipino artists, each of them capturing the iconic portrait of the lady, by merging their own styles and interests, and creating a new perspective of their own portrayal. It is not at all a copied work, but an expressive interpretation of a female image. 

Mahalin Sandaling Ito! (Love this moment)


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