Travel Art: Metro Manila: Part 2 - The Mona Lisa Project Art Exhibition, Solaire Resort

In part 1, I mentioned that art is a big thing in The Philippines.

In the hotel that we stayed in, Solaire Resort was having an art exhibition called The Mona Lisa Project. I thought to myself, hey, since I can't go to Europe yet, being able to see the different versions of Mona Lisa recreated by different Filipino artists was just good enough. I am amazed by the representation Mona Lisa created by each artist, because each representations carries a profound meaning.

The exhibition featured more 30 over Filipino artists, each of them capturing the iconic portrait of the lady, by merging their own styles and interests, and creating a new perspective of their own portrayal. It is not at all a copied work, but an expressive interpretation of a female image. 
Mahalin Sandaling Ito! (Love this moment)

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