Popular in The Artsy Craftsy Shop: Bohemian Wrapped Crystal Necklace


How magical! Latest in store are our newest creations:- Bohemian Wrapped Crystal Necklaces

When it comes to creating pretty things for The Artsy Craftsy Shop, we always make sure that we try to incorporate the two main important things- colours and crystals.

Both elements share the same thing; both colours and crystals has its own meaning and healing properties that helping individuals like you and me make a difference.

 We made sure that creativity plays a big part in creations as well. Our lovely bohemian wrapped stones come in different colours and the designs are catered for both guys & girls and for all occasions.

 One of our favourite artists Ruby Room is rocking it! She got it just for travelling and requested for an Amethyst wrapped stone to accompany her on her backpacking adventure. Want one?


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