Why I give thanks to the smallest exposure

(2nd image) T.A.C Shop: Lumos Nox Harry Potter-inspired potion necklace

My Handmades Were Featured in The Edge Malaysia

Last week, I was informed by my stockist, Supermart Collective, that one of my consigned items was featured on The Edge Malaysia. (Thank you Supermart Collective for the opportunity and informing us)

I was very happy, of course, because it was picked by the reporter along with other local artists' work to be showcased in their article. It was also my first feature in an English print media.

Although it was a small feature, but I was very, very happy simply because I know that at least my work is recognized.

I am not sure about some of you out there, but to me, no matter how big or small the exposure is, I am truly grateful for the recognition. I say this because as a blogger, sometimes, I approach other talented individuals in the creative community for special features, but I don't get much of a respond; perhaps in their eyes, a blogger is just a blogger. Of course, unless I have more than 20K followers on Facebook, I am sure things would be different.

When I started out in 2008, it wasn't easy for me.

The internet world is exactly like a gigantic spider web, and it was a challenge to get my blog out there. (I still am working on it)

I remember, starting with a very small network- Facebook was very new to me, plus I didn't had much friends on my list at that time. So you can imagine, I had to work very hard to gain publicity, and that meant that I jumped at every opportunity I can get to help my blog gain exposure, even if it was just a small interview by another fellow blogger.

In that experience, I learned to be humble. The little crumbs that you have, will help build up what you need to get you to where you are today.

I said to myself once, no matter how far this blog goes, I owe it all to my readers and readers who became my friends, because these are the people who supported me all the way and made the blog happened. Every little recognition goes a long way.

Similarly, two nights ago, one of my oldest niece did an online interview with me for her college paper. I was very touched at the idea that she chose to write about me, as someone in the industry. I take interviews very seriously, even if a college student wants to write about me. Reason being is because, in a big picture, whoever that reads that article could easily be a potential supporter. After all, don't we all want our work to be recognized?


Anyways, that aside, thanks to the reporter from The Edge Malaysia who noticed my merchandise, and picked it up for a feature. Not only am I thankful for including The Artsy Craftsy Shop in the write up, but I am also grateful for appreciating my craft work.

Lumos Nox, from The Artsy Craftsy Shop. Only available at Supermart Collective, Sunway Pyramid


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