Hello! I am Shia Lynn, and I am an Artist, a Therapeutic Art Practitioner and a Community Builder. 

I do believe that by doing what you love, great things will unfold in your life. I find joy in inspiring people with creativity for personal growth. When it comes to the creative arts and handmade landscape, I can be pretty resourceful and I enjoy sharing what I know with growing artists and crafters.

In 2008, I created The Artsy Craftsy as a blogging space for me to document my creative journey whether it is through painting, crafting, writing, or even networking with the local artists & crafters, while juggling with my full-time position as a Copywriter with The One Academy. In 2015, I decided to leave my job to dedicate myself to the path.

As a creative, I do wear many hats. I am also a certified Therapeutic Art Life Coaching, a certified fabric painting instructor, and the co-Organizer for Craft Affair Malaysia, a curated artisanal & handmade market events. 

Before The Artsy Craftsy, I was already pursuing the creative world long before. While majoring advertising in college, I started my first freelance fabric painting service. In 2005, I went from hand-painting t-shirts to hand-painting bridal wear and evening gowns. I even had my first wearable art fashion shows and landed clients like La Senza, Dragonfly Tattoo and Wondermilk.

Those who know me well, know that I practically live and breathe a creative life. Not being able to receive a formal art education did not hold me back as I went on to gain experience through several certificated courses in Fabric Painting, Therapeutic Art Life Coaching and other forms of exploration.

To date, it has been more than 15 years since my active involvement in Malaysia's arts & craft scene. I have been invited to judge a few local art competitions too. 

If you are interested to pursue the handmade path or seeking for creative clarity, talk to me! Ring me up for a mentorship/consultation session.

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