We don't have a team, but we do have awesome people who made things possible for us. 

Meet the people who made sure this blog goes on!
Meet Michelle, Maker and Owner of 7th Box Co, a whimsical online store that bring goodies to people who love crafty trinkets! She is currently residing in Singapore. Michelle has not only witnessed the growth of T.A.C, but shares the same creative passion for craft exploration. She makes sure that we are on time with our content.

Meet Joanne, a wordsmith behind Pocketbook Blog by Shoppertise. Joanne is currently residing in Australia, but still finds time to contribute creative entrepreneur content to The Artsy Craftsy, much thanks to the awesome people of Pocketbook!


Special thanks to the people who contributed to our blog previously.
Coffeepreneur, CHNO
Founder, The Handmade Movement and Supplies Surprise Bazaar
Maker, Crafts by OrangeBerry
Visual artist, The Hopscotchers
Designer, Wild Whimsies
Fine Artist, Mona KV Art

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