The Artsy Craftsy Studio Story

Story of a Homely, Creative Space

Every place has a little story behind it and how it came to be. After blogging for several years, I decided that it was time for me to expand and offer more than just craft blogging. In the spirit of sharing creativity and supporting the arts & crafts, The Artsy Craftsy home studio was formed in June 2016. It became a place where I make creative magic, displayed my large collection of arts and craft supplies and gather like-minded folks to make art together with assorted private art jams and craft workshops in store.

Background Studio Story
The Artsy Craftsy's previous minimalistic atmosphere

The idea was to have The Artsy Craftsy's home studio set in a cosy, homely arts craft space located in an upper-middle class, family-neighborhood environment. Previously, it was located in Isola Subang Jaya Condominium in SS16, Subang Jaya. In May 2018, we decided that it was time for a change and new adventure and so The Artsy Craftsy family moved to a new home in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam. Our new adventure has led us to a place surrounded by clear skies, tall trees and greeneries.

The new space

Even though The Artsy Craftsy Studio is no longer a stand-alone studio space, nonetheless, it has become part of a warm and relaxed common area and exclusively able to extend out to sit maximum occupancy of 2 - 4 pax cozily. 

Update: 4 July 2022

Since the pandemic, we have full circled back to the initial concept of The Artsy Craftsy during its early days which is, community & content. We no longer conduct classes and workshops under The Artsy Craftsy name, but I (Shia Lynn, an intuitive artist) still conduct classes and workshops of my own creative niche. Find out more here

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XO, Shia Lynn.
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