The Artsy Craftsy enjoys working with corporate companies and brands to create exposure with fun & creative direction.

Our readers consist of creative talents, enthusiasts and hobbyists from the Malaysian creative community. Whether you are a small business owner, service provider or a lifestyle brand, we enjoy every opportunity given to work with brands and companies to reach out to the Malaysian audience. It has been our vision to make sure our creative blog is a highly sought after creative lifestyle platform for the community. View our previous partners and clients.

The Artsy Craftsy specializes in networking and reaching out to the local arts, crafts and creative lifestyle community.

Our overall readership: 300, 000 over

Overall total of followers on Facebook and Instagram: 12,000 over

Our demographics:
Gender: 85% women and 15% men
Age group: 18-24 years old, 25-34 years old and 35-44 years old
Countries: Generally Malaysia and United States
Cities: Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam

Some of the brands that we have worked with:

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*Home + Art Studio c/o Product Features: If you are looking to get your home decor products styled in our photography along with a c/o link within a post, please contact us. For c/o products we only accept items worth or total of RM200 and above. However, not all products will be accepted, we will curate only the creative lifestyle related ones that will gel along with our content, followed by a giveaway. We feel this is the best way for us to maintain the quality and authenticity of The Artsy Craftsy brand.

*Makers Collaboration: If you are looking to get your homemade / handmade products featured, we are open to working with makers for collaborations such as creative photoshoots, giveaways or DIY tutorials, as long as both parties share similar vision which is to promote and support handmade.

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Privacy Policy: We want you to know that as a registered company, The Artsy Craftsy deliver its services professionally and passionately. Should there be any request to collaborate or advertise, we hope you understand that there will be a fee charged. Other available advertising and partnership plans include brand ambassadorships, paid reviews, event coverage or announcements, social media mention and more.
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