Some of the guest writers we have featured!

Isabelle graduated from UNSW with Bachelor in Commerce and started her career as an auditor in PwC. She was hooked to coffee culture while being a part time barista in Sydney. Isabelle took the leap of faith to follow her heart by joining espressolab, a local cafe chain before starting her own coffee label CHNO and a cafe consultancy business. When she is not working, Isabelle enjoys traveling around the world to discover many ways of living life.

September has been in four different industries over seven years of work life. She disregarded the stereotype of job-hopping because curiosity encouraged her to learn new things and therefore developed an interesting mix of skills and acquaintances. September loves arts and rediscovered drawing in 2012; she started compiling her works labelled as HappyPass by September Khu. Some of her works include Urbanscapes 2016 Public Art Installation, Van drawing for Thrift-on-Wheels and Adventure Time: Hanger Magazine Dec issue 2015. In early 2015, she quit her full time property marketer job in exchange for time to work on things that bring her a greater meaning to life. She recently started building NotJustNasiLemak where she discover local goodness namely Malaysian artisans, art and music.

Beii is the founder of The Handmade Movement and Supplies Surprise Bazaar, an event with an aim to bring handmade and craft supplies together for all craft lovers. She doodles in her free time and creates random artwork for fun. When she is not creating, she enjoys meeting new people and dolling people up for special occasions and photo shoots.

Corinne Jansz always had an eye for all things crafty. As a child, she started her interest in crafts from her mother who taught her how to cross stitch and patchwork. A weakness for all things crafty and DIY furniture, she shares her interest and stories on her blogs called Our Renovation Adventures, a DIY home & furniture project blog, and Crafts by OrangeBerry, which happened to also be a Facebook store that offers handmade junk journals and other quirky crafts for sale. 

Naz is a bohemian visual-artist who believes in magic & power of the heart. She works primarily with ink pens, colored-pencils and watercolors. She and her partner, collectively known as The Hopscotchers are living a nomadic lifestyle, traveling through life from one place to another, as they managed their video production company, The Paradox Studio. For commission enquiries, she can be contacted at

Winnie a.k.a Miss PSR (Paper Scissors Rock) is a cheerful self-taught crafter who enjoys sharing happy vibes with people around her. She took up paper crafting as a hobby in 2015 and realized that it was therapeutic! Her paper craft journey prompted her to start Paper Scissors Rock a crafty card making label. Besides crafting, Miss PSR loves travelling around the world, buying craft supplies and exploring craft shops. To further her card making passion, she decided to join The Artsy Craftsy as a contributor to share her experience with readers who are looking for inspirations.

Evelyn is passionate about arts and crafts since young. A fashionista at heart, her interest in DIY jewellery, accessories and stationery led her to start The.Wild.Things, an indie brand that connects creativity and fashion. When she is not focusing on her craft and business, Evelyn can be spotted at fashion shows and events to keep up with the latest trends in fashion. Evelyn was also one of the GUESS 'One to Watch' Blogger search winners.

Other contributors include:

Ai Jou, Chuah, Mona KV and more.
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