Craft Activities

Bringing the Creative Community Together

Community over Competition is one of our favourite quotes simply because we believe that arts and crafts bring people together. While it is still in the works, we hope that we are able to gather the community through our plans in organising small craft activities for the community.

Craft Buffet by The Artsy Craftsy
Craft Buffet is a concept created by The Artsy Craftsy, designed to cater specifically for corporate activities and corporate events. Aside from Craft Buffet as our main concept, we have various types of craft activities, depending on what sort of session our clients are looking for.

Art Jam Sessions

Coming Soon

Craft Gatherings

Coming Soon


If you own a space or products related to arts and craft, we are open to sponsorship & partnering up for a craft gathering for marketing purposes. However, please take note that this is not a workshop proposal as we do not conduct workshops at event spaces and studios.
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