A Day with Lefterpenner at The Artsy Craftsy Studio

Two weekends ago, I had the chance to collaborate with Jessie @ Lefterpenner to co-host two of her lettering workshops at The Artsy Craftsy Studio. We were raising funds for Makers Malaysia Charity, an auction charity for a lady who was battling with cancer. Instantly, Jessie and I paired up for this cause; she to teach the classes, and me to host it at my studio. As most of you know, I have been busy planning for my wedding that is coming up in November, and I have slowed down on monthly craft activities at the studio. So, hosting this workshop with Jessie was something that helped me maintain balance between the wedding plans and managing The Artsy Craftsy.

We had two sessions within the same day; one for Brush Pen Calligraphy and the other was Pointed Pen Botanicals. Both workshops were fully booked! Art really does bring people together. Those who signed up were eager to learn and donate to charity at the same time, and the best way to raise funds for charity would be through art.

We started the day with Brush Pen Calligraphy, it had a little more serious tone at first maybe because brush calligraphy is much more technical and it takes awhile for beginners to familiarized with it. Eventually everyone warmed up with each other and their way around the studio.

The second session was by Pointed Pen Botanicals. It was a different response for this one. Personally, I think it was because of Jessie's colourful paints that she prepared for everyone. Each student received a set of 4 shimmering paints in small, plastic make up containers. The ladies thought it looked a lot like eye shadows or lip balms! How cute!

At the end of each session, everyone went home with a new skill and a fun experience. If you have missed out on my Instagram live stories of the workshops (I posted videos), not to worry. Here's a quick recap of the day!

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