Have You Seen the New Hugo Boss Runway Edition?

Passing by the perfume and cosmetics section in shopping malls always fascinates me. And no, it is not because of the models and celebrity ambassadors that are promoting the brand, but it is the packaging design, branding and colour coordination that amazes me. I am constantly observing and studying each brand in detail. I guess that is what you called, inspiration.

As one of the top brands in the fashion world, Hugo Boss's latest runway edition is chic and sophisticated (as always), but this time they have really set the benchmark for the fine line between art, illustration and fashion. Make sure you watch the video to witness it.

Its latest video campaign highlights its three newest fragrance wrapped in floral theme, ranging from seductive to innocent and flirty.

Boss Ma Vie

Boss Jour

Boss Nuit

Don't forget to watch the artistic video of the latest huge boss runway edition.

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