s o f t s r v e : Minimalist Ice Cream Parlour in Klang Valley

After what seemed like a long, hectic weekend, we decided to take a break, go out in the noon to find ourselves a sweet treat. We have been searching hi and low for soft served quality ice-cream and finally discovered one when Soft Srve followed me on Instagram.

In a hot sunny afternoon, to be served by Soft Srve is the best thing I could ever asked for. Especially since, as a self-employed, all I do is just work all the time. We deserve a treat! And a break of course, to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

I normally don't write about food, but after visiting this place and noticing a few things, I told myself, "okay I have to share about this!".

We truly appreciated the warm welcome from the lady over the counter (thank you very much) as she patiently explained to me every single flavour in the menu. She recommended a unique treat, Soft Srve's Oolong Tea flavoured ice cream. I know, it isn't something out of the ordinary, but because I enjoy green tea ice cream, I figured I would enjoy this just as much too. I was right!

While I selected the Oolong Tea ice cream, he chose the deep chocolate with nuts. It was just as tasty as well. 

The two servings came with a cup stacked into another cup with dry ice underneath to keep it cool. It was lovely!

If you are wondering about the ice cream, the amount given was just nice; not too much, not too little. A good amount to give you the right experience so that you don't end up feeling overwhelmed. The texture of the ice cream was smooth and glossy. It was not too sweet at all, yet at the right level, which is the perfect treat for a hot day. 

I was mostly amazed by the atmosphere and interior; though it may seem simple, but as the saying goes, "simplicity makes complex!"

Minimalist design has been fitting in quite well in the art & design trend these days. When 'Less is More', this concept leads to beautiful results.

When I set foot into the cozy ice cream parlour, I immediately recognized their style & element, and was impressed by their design direction.

How did I know?

It was easy; I noticed the neat logo and design printed on their paper cup. Secondly, it was their interior with earthly tone of light brown bench and tables, long windows for natural light to come in, and white throw pillows on the bench.

Lastly (this is the one that I was impressed the most after staring at it for 10 minutes), it was the serif typeface on their shop's signage. The lower case letters, with just the right amount of space in between followed by the next letter.

Simple, elegant, artistic and neat. And I must say, I am impressed by the name of their shop; they "broke the rule" and went beyond creative boundaries by removing the letter 'e' in the word 'serve'. Dare to be different without worrying if fellow Malaysians would asked if it is was a spelling error.

All in all, though I was only there for a quick half hour treat, I enjoyed myself, both ice cream and atmosphere.

s o f t s r v e is located in Damansara Uptown at No.31, SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya.


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