Loving Vintage Longer from LELONG by Awesome Canteen & Boktjuv

My first batch of steals
I love going to vintage sales, although we don't have much of it here. LELONG by Awesome Canteen & Boktjuv was outstanding. 

It was held at Awe Gallery / Awesome Canteen at Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya. There was just something about the place. Perhaps it was the mood in the art gallery's minimalism atmosphere, with soft indie jazz music in the air made the weekend seem tranquilizing. With the cloudy weather, it all seem blissful and perfect!

By the way, I had awesome Japanese-themed lunch at Prologue. Basically, Prologue, Awesome Canteen and Awe Gallery are all located at the same row. When you step in to Awe Gallery, you will notice that it is connected to Awesome Canteen. Awesome Canteen is just as artsy as its gallery, with typical wooden coffee shop chairs from yester-years. On the other hand, Prologue portrays a typical Chinese restaurant. The setting and deco (although very minimal) reminds me a late 80's or early 90's restaurant that serves Chicken Rice. They even have a Chicken Rice Kiosk, except that they refurbished it and turned it into a cashier instead. Creative!

It was just so happened that I left my phone at home, otherwise I would've snapped away. So you have to rely on my story telling. Otherwise, google.

While you are on that, check out BOKTJUV as well. I heard about Boktjuv couple of years back, and I am glad I finally had the chance to meet them in person. Well, more like just that 1 person, I am not sure who are the rest. But I love their concept, they offer curated items of artsy-themed publications like Kinfolk, gifts, stationary and bags. Just as minimalist as their fellow co-organizers. It is no wonder both Boktjuv and Awesome Canteen can work together.

I practically went two rounds to shop for goods. It was quite challenging because I can be quite a hoarder when it comes to artsy vintage stuff. But I told myself to get only what is necessary, especially for my art making since I am going to be a full time artist soon.

It felt right. Knowing that I was going to pursue art full time, I finally felt right to pick items that I can use in my art. I didn't feel as if I was wasting money or time.

I took what I need, and had to put back a very creative looking book that was meant for collage art. Oh well. 

Here are my treasures:

Second batch of steals. 
I will be adding this into my magickal collections
Happy weekend.

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