Becoming Self-Employed: 4 Things to do After your Last Day of Work

I haven't been updating my blog much lately because I have been busy focusing on making enhancements on the blog, and getting ready as well for my last day. Most of my updates are on my Facebook page which is linked to my Instagram and Twitter account. >> (Click to follow me)

I have exactly 4 more days to go til my last day of work. I can't help having mixed emotions of missing my colleagues and at the same time eager to start my new journey soon.

While I have spoken to many people about my new pursue, I have come across people who just naturally tend to assume the worst; they think that as a self-employed, you will eventually laze around just because your schedule is flexible. (I also think that the reason why people make remarks as such is because in Malaysia, it is not common for people to practice self-employment)

I beg to differ because I have already set my work hours and if I want to make it work, meeting the hours is very important in this new pursuit. However, in order to do things right, you need to start right as well. Therefore, a break is essential because taking a break helps you start fresh with a clear mind, and a body that is ready to go full throttle at pursuing your passion.

While in the midst of back to back preparations, I was experiencing a sudden burn out and was so close to giving up. But deep down inside, I know I cannot give up that easily, so I told myself to make a list of things to do after my last day of work. Something for me to look forward to and hang in there.

I decided to give myself ONE WEEK break, for me to get my shit together and rest as much as I can before I start the engine again. So, if you are like me, already on your last day (or taking a break in between to switch careers), here's some tips you can follow for a fresh start:

1. Meditate / Quiet Time
Whether it is meditation or a quiet time, give yourself some personal space. You don't have to do anything except sit quietly or lay still. You can have your favourite tune, some calm music playing in the background, and just let your thoughts come and go. I have been practicing this for as long as I can remember, and it has helped me learned how to silence my mind and relax my body. Allocate 15 minutes - 20 minutes a day to do this. Think of it as a Me-time. By practicing this, you will be surprise at how clear your mind can be, and how ideas can easily flow in as well when you are not busy listening to the "noises" in your head.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing at all. Go off the grid if you need to, but do it wisely though.

2. Declutter

Starting a new career path is like starting a new life after ending a relationship with someone. You want to start over, remove any excess baggage and fit in nicely to your new journey. So, what do you do when you want to start over? You declutter and spring clean everything that you have procrastinated over the months or years. Decluttering will not only tidy things up, but will have a positive effect emotionally. You will certainly feel as if you have control over your life. You will also find yourself able to work better in your workspace (recommended especially for artists and crafters) and sleep better. Plus, you wouldn't want to spend time in a cluttered environment now would you?

3. Exercise

For the past 7 years, my job requires me to sit ... A LOT, in front of the computer. The one thing I realized about sitting in an office is: 1) You want to snack all the time. 2) Once you sit your butt down, the only time you will get up is for lunch, toilet, meetings (sometimes) and when it is time to go home. Well, now that you have time for yourself, it is time to get some exercise as well so that you don't lost your stamina and you will feel energetic once again. Move that body and let it get into its natural rhythm again. Trust me, if you are going to be self-employed, you need the energy everyday. And remember to 'breathe'.

4. Journalling

This is my favourite part. Probably very different from most self-employed advice that you come across on the internet. I kept a diary ever since I was a little girl. At that time it seemed so much cooler to have a diary, especially when you read about it in books and pre-teen novels. I didn't quite understand the effects of a diary until much later in my life when I learned about journalling. And I noticed that, every time I journalled about my journey or experiences in life, things that happened to me didn't quite seem as complicated as I thought it would be. Problems or obstacles that I thought I will never ever be able to come out from, became possible for me and I was able to see things in a clearer perspective. That is what journalling does for you.

When you have decided to pursue self-employment, I think the first few months would probably be challenging and confusing, almost as if you are not quite sure where you are heading. It is important for us to be expressive as possible, and most importantly, be honest to ourselves. That's where journalling comes in. It helps you stay grounded, and be honest with your thoughts and emotions.


Remember, getting a well balanced mind, body and soul is just as important as making money.
Good luck!


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