Coping with Cha-changes: An empowering post on self-employment

So, it is official.

Just two days ago, marked the end of my loyalty to the company that I have been serving since 2008.
I have grown so much over the years, whether it was good or bad experience, I have become who I am today.

I am grateful.

I have decided to take the biggest leap of my life- going full throttle on self-employment.

I started working exactly at the age of 13 (The year was 1998 and I was a part-time babysitter. I don't think anyone would be doing things like that these days); basically, you can imagine that I was practically raised to understand the meaning of earning a living, and earning your own money or working for people. It is a basic teaching in all families that when you grow up, you graduate and work for people. You serve their company until the cows come home, and then you jump from one company to another, aiming for that fat pay until it satisfy your monthly, yearly spending thirst.

But what happens, when the next 20 or 30 years in your life... you look back and you wondered, where did it all go? (this is not to challenge those who are working, this is just my personal opinion)

If you have made enough right now, at the age of 50+ you could probably be investing those cash or run a business.

But, if you didn't, you would probably be looking for something to do, some even still working part-time, some might even just sit and watch the days pass by.

Time passes by very quickly indeed. I have already watched myself served a company with all my heart and soul for 7 years, and I think it is time for me to start new. It wasn't that I was not happy there...although, well I kind of wish sometimes that there was some boundaries, but overall, I have treated that place as if it was my second home. So, making this big step to tender my resignation, to work from home and to be self-employed is a whole big thing for me.

I want to do something different with my life. I want to make that change, live that change and be that change.

My childhood friend and best bud, Pearlisha said to me the other day when I was confiding in her about this new transition. She said "If you want to be different, then you have to do things differently."

I was moved by these words. So simple, yet so meaningful.

I am currently coping with new changes in my mind, my body and my feelings...

I have spent 7 years in the same place and same routine, and every year I have watched people come and go. I have mixed emotions, almost as if someone decided to pour pepper, coke, lime, soy sauce and anything else they can find into a ketchup bottle, cap it up and shake it!


Justin has been very, very supportive about this. I guess, 2 years back when I told him to pursue his passion and his dream is kind of a good thing. Because now, it is my turn, and he is here to be my pillar of strength.

I have big plans for this blog. Big plans for the company that I am about to setup and big plans for my newly launched merchandise online store.

Life is just like Robert Frost's poem 'The road not taken'. The path that I have chosen may not be the preferred road that most people would agree on, but who said anything else in life was perfect anyways. I might've interpreted the poem differently, but then again, it reflects.

I'm not saying that it will all be easy. If anything, I know I have skill and talent, and I can always go back to work again until timing is right. I am not denying the fact that there will some downswing but the least I could do is give this a shot, or else I won't know if it work or not.

My only request from the universe is this:

"Bring on the challenges if you must, I will embrace them just like how I embrace the forces of nature. But make it work for me, and give me the strength to pursue this new journey, this transition that I am about to embark, that is going to change my life forever. Make it work for me, so that I do not look back, instead continue to move forward. I will be the dream that I want to be. I am my Life. I will make it work."



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