'Goddess: I Am' Plus Bazaar @ Pop by Jaya One, Oct 2014

The title Goddess: I Am was inspired by plus size wear Adevi Clothing, one of the booths that I came across at the Plus Bazaar at Pop by Jaya One, held last month. 

This would be my second time attending a bazaar organized by homegrown community Fat is Fab. I remembered their first bazaar; it was just as empowering as the second one, except this time around, there were more vendors with more goodies offered such as lucky draw and a photography booth by FIF.
Me and Justin getting our photos taken for fun by FIF Photo booth!
I can't help but feel inspired by FIF; I was reminded to always celebrate women (even men) of unique sizes by giving thanks every day for having a body.

The word 'Fat' is just a label, a term. There's nothing wrong with our body*. We are just bold, beautiful, curvy, sexy... most importantly, we are goddess within like every other woman.
L to R: Adevi Clothing, The Bear, YY Gift & Packaging
Being at the bazaar, I felt at home, and a great sense of belonging; Call it what you want, and yes I don’t look like I just step out of the magazine cover; but I am okay with it because I am aiming to be Me.

Justin and I had a blast! It was a down-to-earth bazaar, featuring all kinds of vendors ranging from crafts, food & beverage, large size shoes, plus size clothing (even BLOOK+ was there!) bath & body, and more. I met so many nice people. Everyone was friendly!
Artsy nick-nack store by Samuel Store

Large size shoes by Pretty Big Size

Handmade and trinkets by Ghem & Co.

Typically crafty and colourful by The Lollipop House

The range of booths are not just limited to Plus Size wear, so that means it is still an event open to everyone. Of course, for those who are struggling to find clothes with their size, you will definitely get good bargains at Plus Bazaar. This means, you should be following Fat is Fan on Facebook so that you can keep track of their next event. Also, I refused to use the word ‘right size’, because to me, there is no right or wrong size for us unless you accidentally purchased the ‘wrong’ clothing size.

I salute the organizers; one for stepping forward to make a difference, two for empowering people everywhere regardless of their body size, because it is all about ‘Self-Love’ and ‘Loving your Body’.
Body loving, self pampering by Love Is
I have encountered experiences where my weight seems to be the main topic in conversations. I have experienced relatives making comments, having a nasty peer making remarks about my thighs, ex-colleagues who kept saying the same thing about my weight (is there no other thing to talk about, really?), and finally having other comments like looks matter most. Okay, I get it. But what about having a positive mindset? How about, talent and skills? Or personal development, or having inner-strength? Or about LIFE? Aren't those much more important to discuss than fussing about our image?

This is why the women behind Fat is Fab truly inspired me! They have successfully changed a number of people’s mindset, and was applauded by many for being one of the first few organizations to throw a fabulous bazaar to celebrate individuals of different sizes.
L to R: With Merl, one of the FIF organizers and Philo, founder of Love Is and 1420 clothing

Personally, I think that there is a big difference between obsessing about being thin and body-loving. Just because women are big, it doesn't mean that they don’t love their body enough to eat right and lose it; and at the same time, there’s also no harm to eat right and lose it. However, I think the most important thing is to make sure that you are constantly checking in with your intentions no matter what you do, whether you are trying to lose it or if you choose to remain the way you are, as long as you appreciate your Self and Respect your Body.

With this, I end this post with a quote:
Thank you #jenniferlawrence


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