Meet Ruby Subramaniam, a Malaysian Doodle Artist

Ruby and her story-full artwork
I had the chance to make friends with another indie artist, her name is Ruby Subramaniam. I came across her beautiful, deep and profound illustrations when I joined the Doodle Malaysia Facebook Group. The colours, complex drawings and patterns that filled Ruby's artwork caught my attention! One day, when I was chatting with Ruby online, I told her "Your artwork has stories in it."

I love colours, yet I love black and white too; I think what I love most about her art pieces is how rich they are in colours and intricate in patterns. I always believed that a person's art tells a lot about a person, especially his or her personality, feelings, thoughts, etc. I think I can tell that Ruby is a person who looks inward; and each time she draws, she allows her beautiful self emerge, like how an elemental mermaid emerge from water.

It is art like Ruby's that inspires me to thank God, the universe, each day for the existence of art. And I'm just glad to see more and more independent artists in Malaysia standing up, standing tall!


To see more of Ruby's art, LIKE her Facebook page.

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