How to Smile at Conventionality

Why do we need to check with the world what we can or cannot be, when we simply want to be ourselves?
Why do we need to check with the world how we do it, when we simply want to do it our way?

Are we not doing great things?

Why do we need to check with world outside of us, when we can be checking the world inside of us?


As a work in progress myself, sometimes I still do find it challenging to accept that the world has not yet see things in a bigger picture. Despite how much I have tried to be as soulful as possible in my work, yet I still find it challenging to accept what others cannot accept.

Perhaps this was what many great deep thinkers have to endure; to have their ideas and concepts repressed because the world was just not ready at all.

As much Light and Love I have for Life, sometimes I am sadden at how some still have shallow views of life.
However, despite how conventional society can get, even sometimes makes us feel like conforming to society's norm, yet the one thing we fail to see (even me) is to smile whenever we have been given a chance to experience the pressures of conventionality.

If we smile and not respond, we are unique, and we get to keep the buttons to ourselves.
If we protest, we are showing off all the buttons they can push, to trigger us, which eventually put ourselves more in the position of conformity.

Perhaps this blog post might be a little deep for some, perhaps not; but whatever it is, deep or not, get it or not, so many of us have gone through this or going through this already at least 5 times a day or more. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes it is indirect and you might not realized but have already conformed to a certain expectation set by society.

So, my recent experience to conform to society based on their expectations of how a writer should write, has inspired me to write this blog post. As human I am, yet I have decided to see things in a different light instead of showing off all my buttons.

The next time you go through the same experience as me, when someone tells you , "a girl or guy should be like this or like that" or "drawing this way is wrong" or "you call yourself a writer? you call yourself an artist when you can't even do fine arts"; here's few tips you can follow (not defend):

1. Say "I am Unique"

2. Remember, everything is balance like the see-saw; if there's no up, there's no down; if there are no challenges, there are no room for improvement or chances to open up your horizon.

3. Remember, everyone's opinion is their own preference. For instance, some might like medium rare, or rare or fully cooked! We are all different in our own interest and taste etc! Hell, even twins have different preference! So, let them speak their mind and their preference, as long as what you do agrees with you and resonates with your heart, you are fine!

I thank God that there is someone at least whom have commented on what I wrote for the upcoming art exhibition; at least I know where I stand, and at least I know if the people in my country is ready or not.

I guess not, but it's okay cos I am ready.


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