Kicking Start with Self-Motivation

I have been tied up with work and meetings for the past 3 days. So I would have to do a quick one on today's post. A simple one if you don't mind, just so you know that I still have all you and your reading needs in my heart.

Getting caught in a web of busy-ness isn't easy. There are times I wish I could split myself into 3 mini-me's just so I can do everything. I told myself that this year, it will be a great year ahead to start new and fresh. For starters, I am giving myself a couple of interesting projects and affirmations to stay motivated and make sure that no matter how busy I am, I will continue to stay inspired and manifest a great life ahead. After all, I want to create life, not just making a living in it.

1. To be centered in my goals, I am using Leonie Dawson's Create an Amazing Year Workbook and Calendar (Life + Biz)

2. My affirmation this year is "BE FREE and Be Authentic"

3. My goal this year is to "Learn to say Yes to opportunities that will help me grow and learn to say No to things that exploit me and my well-being"

4. I want to retire at age 40. To do that, I will showcase my portfolio more and build a legacy.

5. To manifest a string of happiness, I gave myself a project; a 365 Gratitude Days photo project

6. To be compassionate and loving with myself, I am going to check out Headspace

7. To be an inspiration, I am working on Divine Art Soul and a mini PDF/Book (I promise its coming soon, I am finding time to design it)

8. To live creativity is to create. I have been doing handmade goodies again

9. Blogging has helped me reflect. So I am staying on track with The Artsy Craftsy!

10. What else? Well, nothing beats making art, writing, reading, listening to music and more! It makes life damn interesting! I want to bring my creative tribe to a higher level. Do join me there!

11. Taking more pictures to share on Instagram. Pinning more on Pinterest. Sharing more creative love and joy on Facebook and Twitter. The usual that keeps me going.

What about you? Do you have a kick-start method to self-motivate? Do share!


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