[Closed] Win a Dreamcatcher by Garden of Eva

The Artsy Craftsy 2013 X'mas Special #2

I love being Santa this year!

Thanks to our sponsor, this time Garden of Eva (Dreamweaver) has sponsored TWO (2) handmade Dreamcatchers in this second x'mas giveaway special. If the name sounds familiar to you, you are right because Garden of Eva was once featured here on the blog. Vaishnavii, the dreamcatcher maker makes magical looking dreamcatchers and is currently very popular among her fans. And yes, her dreamcatchers are 100% handmade! Now you can win a dreamcatcher and catch yourself a dream to come true.

With this, The Artsy Craftsy and Garden of Eva is giving away TWO (2) dreamcatchers away (Worth RM50 and above), ONE (1) for EACH winner.

Vaishnavii Devi, Garden of Eva



Step 1- LIKE Garden of Eva FB page (or here)

Share with us your MOST CREATIVE DREAM 
(weirdest, scariest, beautiful, funniest, dream-to-come-true, etc.)
     PLEASE INCLUDE your email address and Facebook URL

~ Entries will be judged based on creativity and uniqueness by sponsor
~ Only 2 winners will be selected (1 dreamcatcher for each winner)
~ First best entry will receive the Pink Dreamcatcher, second best will receive the Brown Dreamcatcher
~ Giveaway challenge from 18 December - 24 December 2013
~ Winners will be notified via email/FB, a week from the closing date or earlier.

Have fun participating!

Want to know more about Garden of Eva? Visit their Facebook page. (Open for personalize request)

1ST PLACE- DOREEN ;LING - Pink Dreamcatcher
2ND PLACE- PAULINE TAN - Brown Dreamcatcher




  1. My dream is go to a village in Thailand to do some volunteer work to help the people in need and gain some life experience.

    Email: surveyfoo@hotmail.com

  2. My dream is to someday be on a Broadway stage. It's never gonna happen but one can only dream right? I wanna sing and dance and play at least a supporting role in one of Broadway's musicals! I wanna be applauded during a curtain call :) It would be truly an amazing moment. Oh well, a dream is a dream your heart makes. :) #dreams #newyork

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sherylho86
    Email: sheryl.ho.su.lynn@gmail.com

  3. This time of the year is all celebrating and having your dreams come true... Lets see talking about dreams, I have lots of it. It gives me great pleasure.. Dreaming makes me smile.. Be it a good dream or a nightmare because you close your eyes an you can see things and it feels magical. For now my dream is to dream and remaining this way with this magical feeling and also feeling happy from it and sometimes learning from it...

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/shanthini.thamilarasan
    Email: ngeleyes_sparks@yahoo.com

  4. My dream? Simple; to see everyone's dreams come true. It is a cliche, but it is true. It makes me happy to see other people happy; especially when they deserve it the most. I believe that dreams, no matter how unrealistic they may be, serve its purpose as a motivator. It is something that keeps us going forward and to fight through life. I have met many people, each with their own unique dreams, and when they talk about their dreams, I see a light in their eyes and a glow to their faces that wasn't there before. When I see that in them, I silently wish them the best and I hope that they'll get what they deserve. And when I see other people accomplishing their dreams, it motivates me to pursue my own. I may not have the others set down on paper, but I have my whole life ahead to figure it out.

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/doreen.ling
    E-mail: doreen.ling@live.com

  5. There was once that I dreamt that kids from all over the world were given a day to govern their own country. No more price increase and stuff like that only increase in the school holidays and Monday became part of the weekend! Tax payers money are all donated to the poor on that day which cured the world of poverty. What a dream come true! ^^
    But of course, that was only a dream.

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/pauline.tan.58958
    Email: paupaulinetan@gmail.com


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