10 things to do when you don't know what to do

Don't know what to do?

Feeling unproductive?

Feeling uninspired?

Don't feel like doing anything like house chores or work?

It's okay. Because you are your own permission. Perhaps a couple of suggestions to do when you are feeling this way. There are days that I don't feel like doing anything at all, even blogging, making art or writing; and at the same time I don't know what to do. Before I used to take blogging seriously and decided that I wanted to write for a living (and earn on the side at the same time), I spent my weekends waking up feeling unproductive. Always feeling anxious about wasting my weekends and complained that time passes by so quickly. I would wail about feeling bored, and before I know it, time passed by so quickly and the sun was setting and I sunk deep in anxiety.

It wasn't until one day I realized, hey! I don't need to feel this way, because there are actually plenty of things to do. And on the days I had work to do (of course this can only be considered if you are not rushing for a deadline), but I didn't feel like doing it, I decided to motivate myself by doing something that would take my mind off things. It can be anything random or unconventional.

You see, I don't see a point to force myself to sit my ass down and force myself to write on the computer when clearly I am facing a writer's block. I would probably end up writing a meaningless article. The same goes to any of you; if you were to force yourself to do something you don't feel like doing, the result would not be satisfying. Of course you will get things done, but it wouldn't be a good job and you might have to a double-work / redo it. The key to accomplishing a task is to find freedom in doing it; and by freedom I do not mean doing freely whenever you feel like it, but the inner joy of doing something much more than willingness- it is a feeling of joy in doing something that you don't even like doing. But in order to do that, it is best that you nurture your inner-self first, because your well-being is just as important as a task or a chore.

So to get you going, here are some suggestions that you can do (only if you don't have an idea on what to do, haha!) Don't worry, my suggestions are frugal-centered and it isn't ridiculous.

1. Make your treat (non-fat) with Yogurt, fruits, cereal, raisins, nuts. Be creative with it. It's not even costly.

2. Watch a movie-comedy, cartoon, stand-up comedy- recommended! And laugh your ass off! It's okay, no one's judging.

3. Visit the nearest park or recreational centre. Take PLENTY of random pictures with your phone/camera. Then when you come home, look at it all over again. Or you can just go out to the mall and observe your surroundings. Sometimes all you need is a little me-time.

4. Lay in bed/couch and have a TV series marathon (I recommend FRIENDS, How I Met Your Mother, Grimm, Two and a Half Men, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, stuff like that, it's up to you.) Trust me, this is is NOT the same as suggestion No.2. Its addictive and you will feel good after that. Don't have DVD's? Then stream online on sites like Couchtuner.ma

5. Go through your wardrobe and play dress up. While you are at it, maybe you can sort which clothes you want to rid off.

6. DE-CLUTTER! I like No.6- a lot! Don't see it as part of a house chore, because its not. You don't need to wipe or clean when you de-clutter. When you de-clutter,you are self-cleansing and clearing your mind off things. Sometimes it helps you reminisce good memories and discover some of your belongings that you probably forgotten. De-cluttering is truly recommended for those feeling uninspired. You'd be surprised at how you can feel motivated again after de-cluttering.

7. Take a long bath/shower and wash your hair. Turn on your most favourite song or soothing music while you are in the bathroom. You will usually come out of the shower knowing what to do next. Physical cleaning helps you think.

8. Surf the web, watch videos or go to Pinterest and look at inspiring and colour photographs. I reckon the travel photos.

9. Draw something. Anything. Doodle, scribble, scratch the paper.

10. Sort your CD collection. Or better yet, sort your files of photos, music, movies, etc. in your computer or hard disk. You'd be surprise how much sorting it requires.

There you go, 10 very-simple-things-to-do when you don't know what to do. You don't have to follow it entirely, but I hope with this few suggestions, you will be able to find yours. Have fun!

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