[Closed] Giveaway! Last Copy of Peace!

It's been awhile since I've given away goodies on the blog. Only because I've been focusing on creating good content for you my readers. I've recently managed to get hold of  FOUR (4) good copies of 'Peace is Every Step' book written by Thich Nhat Hanh, a Zen Buddhist monk. The book discusses about the path of mindfulness in our everyday lives.

If you would like a free copy* of the book, leave me a message here on the post-

magic word: I want one and email address
(Please check your email after that for delivery details)
I will contact you for your delivery details
Only FOUR copies to be given away! 
(Date extended) Closing- 6th June 2013

*This giveaway is closed*

Giveaway book recipients are: Mazuin Mynrose, Huda Engku (Anne Azman), J-Mei and Way Yong. Thank you for your participation lovelies.

Please read below:
*this book is for free and is only available during this time of giveaway
*the act of giving away this book to my readers does not imply that I am imposing any religious beliefs whatsoever. You have the freewill to decline or ignore this blogpost if you feel uncomfortable
*if you are interested in this book, for reading material or reference only, you may participate in this give away and obtain one of the four copies

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  1. My love Shia Lynn and The Artsy Craftsy! <3 Thank you so much <3 :) I would love to have one of your beautiful gift goodies <3 All my love and support for you :)


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