Creativity: Love Your Roughs

Courtesy of J.COMy day job requires me to work closely with graphic designers in an art department. Spending my time almost everyday in a creative environment has taught me one thing- “learn to love my roughs”
I am pretty sure some of you have heard of this advice before. And because of this deep and meaningful advice, I have learned to love my roughs whether it is on sketch, a drawing or even when I jot down a phrase or two that just pop into my mind unexpectedly.

On so many other levels, I love to apply this idea!

Courtesy of Shia LynnAppreciation
Learning to love my roughs has also taught me to love my surroundings and experiences. It has helped me see things creatively and spot uniqueness in all objects or happenings around me. I find that this observation has allowed me to love the simplest things in life.

Courtesy of J.COEver since I begun to love my roughs, I have doodled, colour, scribble or draw; whether it is on a coffee cup, or a serviette, I feed myself with a spoonful of creative juice everyday! Doodling often helps with creative thinking. It automatically revitalizes your body, while allowing you to relax your mind. I recommend writers to doodle as much as you can. You would be surprise at how much ideas you can generate when your mind is at ease, allowing your ideas to appear through your doodling.

But Why Love My Roughs?
When you love your roughs, you love a part of you inside which is not governed by ego. At most times, I noticed that my good ideas come from my roughs. This is because, during this moment, I noticed that I am not self-conscious about what is the right way or wrong way. I simply allow myself to just draw whatever comes to my heart first. It can be a favorite pattern or a preferred colour; the more you create with love, it will lead you to produce a work that will be loved by others.

- You don’t need to be talented to be an artist. I always believe that creativity is already in every one of us.

- Scribble or doodle away and be as creative as you can. Sometimes your drawings don’t have to make sense.

- Keep doing this whenever you are facing a writer’s block or an artist’s block. Keep doodling until you reach “EUREKA” state.

- When you allow yourself to scribble or doodle away; you are allowing yourself to be creative. And when you are being creative, you are creating life and abundance.

- Remember, let creativity come from within first by creating roughs so that you don’t end up sitting with the brush in hand not knowing where to start.

- When you practice doodling, you automatically refresh your mind. Doodle away!

*Photos courtesy of Shia Lynn
*Cup courtesy of J.Co Donuts
*Art by Shia Lynn

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